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So I wont go into extreme details, but I contacted DA on Saturday regarding some very disturbing sexual content regarding someone clearly underage. I received feedback on Monday in the form of a note requesting more info so I provided more and really tried to be through in my approach. 

I then was left waiting for three days to basically have the support person to tell me that the person receiving the perceived abuse has to contact them for an investigation. the person basically dismissed my concern.... I replied to them, but I will probably not hear it until probably the middle of next week. 

You know, I have always heard that DA is dismissive, but I did not expect it to something that could really mean something big. So yeah... I sort of had to vent to someone, so apparently in the future we have to approach big issues like some sort of weird DA vigilante, because they could not have seemed to care less.
Hello everyone, I decided to open up this to any suggestions or requests for rps. If your interested just give me a run down of your idea and we can start!
Lets say for the sake of argument a normal woman began to grow. how big could she get until mankind at least is doomed? On the flip side lets say you and a group of people are shrunken. How small could a human being survive at, baring in mind we are ignoring things like the square cube lawn and facts like they just freeze to death.
So I want to give this another go this weekend. I will have a private setting to do this at, so if you would be interested just let me know and then we will decide on setting. I have plenty of fun choices so let me know.
Just wanted to have a discussion on this.
So Ill just jump right to it, I really want to have another real shot at a coop rp. Ive been considering everything from a D&D style rpg, to Fire Emblem, to a Mass Effect style exploration one. So I wanted to know what you all would like to see in that format. I've found some great sites to host it at so all I need now is to gauge feedback.
If so let's talk and trade info here.
Can be about anything from games, to music, to more serious topics.
Just seeing if there is a demand for it.
Hello everyone, just wanted to say I am currently working on a very exciting new venture. the reason I write this journal is I want input on some things. Namely content. I already have a lot finished and more planned, however I wanted to hear what you all think about some things. Feel free to answer any, or all of these questions.

1.Would you be angered by death traps? As in you try and do an action, but you lack a needed item so you get a death scene.

2. I am using pictures for some characters to help with visualizing. Are you against this, or for this?

3. I have a few playable charecters planned, however do you want it strickly controlling a tiny at all times, or have the option to play as a giantess?

4. What sort of interactions interest you? Feet, vore, unaware, cruel, gentle, other?

Okay thats all I have for now, feel free to ask questions and I hope to announce its release soon!
So I am considering creating a group for my friends on here and anyone else to join if it sounds like fun to them. It would be a group in which we choose an anime to watch and then all watch it together. This way we all have people to talk, and debate rather than just watching an anime on our own. Let me know what you all think.

Oh and I am wanting to start a long running anime so I can have a serial to watch over the next year. I was thinking about going with One Piece, but I am willing to hear other suggestions. 
Hello everyone, I apologize for my sudden absence over the week. I am traveling for the holiday and was in an area notorious for awful reception. But that being said I will be more active from here on!
I wanted to get some feedback on this as I will be releasing one more rp for this weekend and for the break. So should I do another dating sim like the Pokemon Academy, a super hero one, whatever it be I'd like to hear what is interesting and in demand from you all.
This is the big night. If anybody feels like talking let me know.
Hello everyone, I am currently working on a very exciting role play experience. It will take place in a fairly popular anime and video game series. Feel free to ask questions, make suggestions, and anything else that relates to it.
So I need a distraction from some thing in my life, so I will be posting a new rp soon.
So I have been putting considerable effort into my newest rp, and have gotten little interest. More on, I am being ignored for role plays on other people's profile. Maybe its just me thinking too much on it, but it certainly feels that way.
1. You Have to post ALL the Rules
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves
3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer
4. Choose 13 people
5. You have to legitimately tag 13 people 
6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags
7. Tag-backs are ALLOWED
9. Be creative with the title. No, " I got tagged" stuff

1. Do you prefer to be tiny or giant?
Depends. If I am role playing, I prefer to control the overall flow and dictate the story. I love creating interesting characters and seeing what I can do with them. If its personally me, I'd rather shrink.
2. Do you prefer feet or vore?
Feet by a decent margin.
3. What kind of pet do you want the most?
Dogs, I love dogs.
4. How would you go about worshiping a goddess? How would you want to be worshiped if you were a god/goddess?
I I would build a Colosseum, that would be my temple.
5. Favorite video game?
Thats easy, Psychonauts

6. What would you do if you found yourself big enough to hold the Earth in your hand?
Hand it to the lady next to me.

7. Which season is your favorite?
Winter, due to its unappreciated underling beauty.

8. What's your opinion on insects?
Whats my opinion on insects? Many of them are annoying, many of them are a thing of beauty so I suppose its on all on an individual basis.

9. Do you like being cuddled?
Of course I do, not to mention every girlfriend I've had has liked that so Ive just sort of taken a liking for it.
10. How violent do you like a giantess to be?
I do enjoy gentle, but man it gets so boring, so fast.... So I like seeing them get Medieval with that. Stomping, squishing, swatting, pinching, drowning... Its all good.

11. What's your favorite type of bird?

12. How tall are you in real life?
Six feet tall, I was the tallest in my class for a good three years.

13. Am I the greatest goddess of all time?
Your pretty great, if I could I would put you in Smite as the Goddess of Size.

1. What got you into the fetish?
2. You find a functioning shrink ray, what do you do with it?
3. Do you like micro stuff?
4. Do you like gentle or aggressive gts?
5. The person you are dating is shrinking, they will continue to shrink until they are the size of a dust mite. Do you stay with them, honest answer?.
6. The person you are dating is growing an inch a day, do you stay with them?
7. Biggest pet peev with role playing?
8. If you could direct a movie about growing or shrinking, who would you cast?
9. Are you embarrassed by having the a fetish?
10. You wake up to find a tiny character form a game or anime, who is it?
11. Do your dreams ever involve shrinking?
12. What is love?
13. Do you like tags or are you annoyed by this?

Just like the title says, myself sand a friend will be watching the series. If you never have, or haven't in a long time like me, think about re-watching it now. We will start tomorrow, September 18th. If it sounds like fun, let me know and we can talk about what we like and don't like as we watch.
I have been considering doing this for awhile as I believe it would be great.Just wanted to gauge interest and such.